Artist Statement

In my work, I’m interested in sharing the viewpoint of a photographer through the medium of charcoal.
I am ever conscious of the world around me as it relates to the viewfinder of a camera. Sally Mann and Nan Goldin
are two photographers I greatly admire. They have instilled the notion that what is right under my nose,
my own experiences, may contain inspiration. By using large-scale renderings of black and white photographs,
my images allude to the always necessary documentation and preservation of life’s most significant
and most ordinary occurrences.

The subject of my work is often related to my life as a military spouse. The content of my images involves
the way I view my husband and my life as we transition into military life. Similarly to the painter Tim Gardner,
I find that the careful act of mark making creates an interesting contrast to the not-always refined activities depicted
in my drawings. As I become aware of my foggy memory, capturing any one moment in time before it becomes lost
among all the others grows in importance. Spending a great deal of time on the drawings helps me physically retain
memories I cherish and might otherwise lose since my husband and I maintain a long-distance relationship.

I draw in a photo-realistic style in the hopes of bringing the viewer into a scene they can fully imagine being in.
I use high contrast and tight, sometimes unusual, cropping in order to subdue and enhance areas at my discretion.
I allow the viewer to understand my images, but only upon a more thorough look. Only after searching to make sense
of the composition, can the viewer begin to explore the image.


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